Having issues logging into My Housing? Please review the following information to help troubleshoot.

Have you been admitted to UO?

Your My Housing account will not be activated until you have been fully admitted to the University of Oregon. If you were admitted today, your account will be activated overnight.

Have you claimed your Duck ID?

Once you have claimed your Duck ID, you must log in using your Duck ID. If you had previously created a My Housing account log in using your UO ID (95#######), the UO ID log in will no longer work. Select Log in with Duck ID on the Log In page.

What is a Duck ID?

Your Duck ID is different from your UO ID. Your UO ID is your student identification number and begins with either 950 or 951. Your Duck ID is used to log into UO online services such as My Housing and Webmail. Your Duck ID is the beginning of your UO student email. For example, if your UO email is housing@uoregon.edu, your Duck ID is housing.

How do I claim my Duck ID?

For more information on claiming your Duck ID, visit the Duck ID Self-Service site.

What if I forgot my Duck ID password?

You can reset your password using the Duck ID Self-Service site.

Still having issues?

  • Are you selecting Log in with Duck ID on the log in page?
  • Have you verified you are using your Duck ID which is the first part of your UO email when logging in? If you are using your full email including @uoregon.edu, it will not work.
  • Have you tried logging into another site like Duck ID Self-Service or UO Mail? If you are unable to log in on another site, there is an issue with your Duck ID.

If you have not claimed your Duck ID, check the following:

Have you created your My Housing account?

If you have not claimed your Duck ID, you must create your My Housing account by logging in with your UO ID which begins with 950 or 951. Select Register OR Reset Password on the Log In page.

Registering or resetting your My Housing password

When you enter your UO ID to register or reset your password, you will be sent an email to the email address on file with Admissions.

  • The link in the email will only work for one hour.
  • Each time you select to register or reset your password, a new email is sent with a new link which cancels the previous email's link. Please be patient when requesting the password email.
  • If you are not receiving an email, please check your spam/junk email folder and add housing@uoregon.edu as a safe sender.
  • Please note, most high schools block these emails. If the email used to apply for admissions is your high school email, you may need to change this to a non-high school email. You can change your email address on the App Status Portal. Changing your email may take 2-3 business days to update your email for your My Housing.
  • If you are still not receiving an email, this usually means you have already claimed your Duck ID (see above for log in steps) or the email on file with Admissions may be incorrect.